Who We Are / What We Do

The JK Mangali Wala Charitable Trust was founded to benefit community development, youth educational programs and under-privileged children and their families. The JK Mangali Wala Charitable Trust is a humanitarian organization that is dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

Humanitarian Aid

  • • JK Mangali Wala Charitable Trust provides the necessary supplements and food to poorer families and malnourished little children.
  • • JK Mangali Wala Charitable Trust supplies educational material to poorer pupils in various villages and local communities across India.
  • • JK Mangali Wala Charitable Trust provides comprehensive medical assistance and sanitary care to those in need.
  • • JK Mangali Wala Charitable Trust provides an Ambulance and Rescue Service for the local population.
  • • JK Mangali Wala Charitable Trust currently provides relief materials in the form of garments and blankets to poorer patients from the various programs, including the village schools.

    The ability to access basic services such as health and education is essential to the well-being of adults and children, and to human development. JK Mangali Wala Charitable Trust pushes to secure adequate financial flows to sustain basic services for poor people.


    Recent Initiatives

  • Ambulance Donation: - True to its endeavor to make a difference to the lives of under privileged. Aspam Foundation (Group charity of JK Mangaliwala trust) has donated an Ambulance to Shamshan Sudhaar Samiti in Hissar to help the underprivileged in the society who cannot afford the transportation expenses of carrying patients/corpse for final rituals.
  • Eye Hospital: - Coming January, J.K. Mangaaliwala trust and Aspam foundation is due to open Reshma Devi Goyal Charitable Eye Hospital in Hissar as part of their endeavor to make a difference to the lives of under privileged. This hospital would provide free eye consultation & eye operation to the poor and needy.
  • Gaushala: - In the strings of charitable work which J.K. Mangaliwala trust and Aspam Foundation does, we also manage a Gaushala at Village Raliawas , Dist Rewari, Haryana, where we take care of Old & Weak Cows given the religious importance of Cows in our society.
  • Ear Operations of Underprivileged Children: - As part of our charitable endeavors, Aspam foundation and JK Mangaliwala Trust in collaboration with ALPS International Pvt Ltd. New Delhi has supported the expenses borne in ear operations of few poor and needy children in our society.
  • As part of social service endeavor’s, On the night of Amavasya (Sunday 21st December), in the holy premise of Mahamai Dadi Mandir, Hissar.. Mangaliwala Parivaar & Aspam Foundation distributed Blankets and Sewing machines to the underprivileged widows in order to enable them to be self-dependent for their livelihood.

    In order to achieve its objectives, JK Mangali Wala Charitable Trust is:

    • • Running humanitarian centers, shelter homes, orphanages, schools, hostels and child care centers in various parts of the country. Certain fundamental needs such as food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education at such facilities will be entirely taken of care by JK Mangali Wala Charitable Trust.
    • • Launching special initiatives and projects for underprivileged Children, orphans and displaced children from the poor and scheduled castes' families.
    • • Providing educational support and scholarships to those children who live with their families but lack financial resources for their education.
    • • Launching awareness campaigns to educate the parents of poor children.
    • • Working closely with government and private schools to create better opportunities for the children.
    • • Participating in researches and surveys to find out the root causes of children's plight in India.
    • • Lobbying with the government and other related agencies for child rights in India.